Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Elf Cats

There’s a new meow in town!
We are long term foundation Sphynx breeders with 30 plus years of combined knowledge and experience in the Sphynx breed.  We are all in good standing with TICA and CFA organizations.
Currently we are showing our elf cats and kittens under the Sphynx breed in New Traits in TICA (The International Cat Association.)

ABOUT Elf Cats
There is a new meow in town …and it goes by the name Elf Cat. The excitement over this new breed is international; as two of the most personable, distinct species of cat are married together creating a cat that is different from each contributing foundation breed.  When combined, there is no harm to the health or well-being of the resulting Elf Cat.
Contributing foundation breeds include the Sphynx, known for its unique hairlessness and personality, and the American Curl, known for its signature curled ears.  Permissible out-crosses include Domestic Short Hair, which is any cat belonging to Felis Domesticus not registered as a recognized breed.  Elf Cats have been researched, developed and founded by Karen Nelson from House of Falmari at  A strong foundation has been built utilizing many bloodlines from numerous Elf Foundry Breeders located in Arizona, California, New Jersey, Idaho, Michigan, Illinois, and Georgia.
The Elf Cats most distinctive features are it’s hairlessness and curled ears.  They are extremely intelligent, have a sturdy, athletic build, and are as loving and cuddly as lap dogs.  Sociable and highly inquisitive, they love to be the center of attention.
Cat enthusiasts throughout the world are lining up, awaiting the arrival and availability of these incredible Elf Cats.  Currently being registered as an experimental breed with The International Cat Association (TICA), Elf Cats are quickly catching the eyes of the Cat Fancy. Half Elfs resulting as non-standard kittens will be sold at prices in accordance to the respective out-crosses.  Please welcome the return of the Elf into mans world…

Registrations: TICA
In addition to the elf cat being nearly hairless, it is the elf’s intelligence, affection, and playfulness that make them unique among felines. Elf cats and elf kittens have a fine down on their body, or some hair on the paws, nose, tail, or outer ears. The feel of their skin can be compared to that of chamois or somewhat rubbery. Some people who suffer from cat allergies can tolerate living with elf cats. However, depending on the type and severity of the individual’s allergic reactions, there are still people who cannot live with elf cats or elf kittens. It is always recommend that you visit a breeder to see if you have allergies to the elf cat.
Elf cats and elf kittens get along great with other pets. They quickly adapt to other cats, dogs, or any other pets in you household. Two elfs are always better than one! Elf cats and elf kittens require a lot of attention and can get very lonely when left alone. Because of this we always discount for anyone purchasing more than one elf from us!
We began our Elf Cat endeavor in 2007. It has been a very long journey since then. The decision to start our Elf Program was not taken lightly and there was a lot of thought before we came to the decision.  After doing extensive research on the American Curl (which is the outcross used to produce our naked curls) that is when I realized this may actually benefit our sphynx breed more than anything. The American Curl is an extremely healthy breed with an amazing body structure and of course those cute curly ears READ ME.  Using them as an outcross to our sphynx poses no harm and in the end will probably make a more healthy naked cat. All cats in our Elf program are scanned for HCM and we also hope by using the American Curl (which has no known genetic defects) our chances of producing HCM positive kittens will be reduced drastically.  Some feel that breeders are producing Elf Cats just to make money on a "Designer Breed".... I believe people that say this just dont take the time to ask what our end goal is. They prefer just to make up their own assumptions.  I call this close minded.  Any responsible breeder knows that breeding is a hobby and a lot of hard work no matter what breed. We did not start selling pet kittens until 2011 and even then there was very few going to pet homes. Many of our first kittens stayed in our program or went to other responsible breeders working on the Elf Cats. Outcrossing is very expensive to do and starting a new breed is 100x that.  Almost every breed out there was made by putting 2 breeds together at some point. We would not have a lot of our wonderful cat and dog breeds today without the determination of a few breeders working very hard for the same goal. I am so glad to have the Elfs in my life.... they are the sweetest little kitties I have ever met and I could not imagine the world without them. We are hoping one day to be accepted as a new breed called Elf Cat some wish to stay registered and show in New Trait Sphynx. I am personally against this.



How do I keep my Elf cat /Elf kitten warm?
A general rule of thumb is to consider your comfort level.  If you are comfortable enough in your home to walk around naked then they are usually comfortable too.  If you are bundled up in a sweater or under the blankets to keep warm, a Elf Cat would probably appreciate the same treatment.  If they do get chill an Elf will seek out a place to get warm such as on top of the TV or computer monitor, under the covers on a bed, in a sunbeam, or in a covered pet bed.  Many people keep heating blankets or pads, wrapped with a blanket, turned on low so their Sphynx can find a warm spot if needed. You can also find heated pet beds which most Sphynx love.

How much do I need to bath my Elf cat or Ef kitten?
This really depends on the individual cat.  Some Elfs produce more oil than others and would need to be bathed more frequently, while others produce little to no oil and can go several weeks to months without a bath.  As a rule I would suggest a monthly bath as a starting point and you can alter the schedule to fit the needs of your particular elf cat. We use baby wipes between bathing.

What colors do Elfs come in?
Elf kittens come in all colors and patterns found in the cat world including pointed, mink sepia, tabby and bi-color.  A cat’s color isn’t just in it’s fur but goes completely down to the pigmentation of its skin as a Sphynx easily demonstrates.

What is the lifespan of a Elf cat?
Elfs have a normal lifespan and don’t suffer from any special health problems.  Although, as in any breed, there are unfortunate early deaths, many Sphynx have enjoyed a full life into their late teens or twenties.

What is the average size of a Elf cat?
Generally adult females weigh 6-8 pounds while males are 8-10 pounds, however this can vary to some extent either way.

What causes an Elf Cat to grow hair?
Much depends on the gentic background of the particular cat, no cat is truly hairless but hormone changes may sometimes cause your Elf Cat to grow a small amount of fuzz as it matures (for whole cats).  It may also come and go with the changing season or remain intact.  Mother Nature will often have the last word.